Cannon from Uplay rewards not there.

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So I wanted to get 100% but I'm stuck at 99% because I don't own the 43rd weapon which is the Cannon that's unlocked through Uplay Rewards. I redeemed my points for the gun and but it hasn't appeared under Signature Weapons in the shop. 


I tried googling for a solution but no one seems to have been able to solve this problem if it happened to them. 


Anyone ever run into this issue and been able to solve it?

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I had the same issue, but never seemed to fix it. In fact, the entire Uplay Rewards system for Far Cry 3 seems to be buggy. After I Platinumed the game, I checked the Uplay Rewards menu and I was not rewarded for things I had done long ago like completing the game or reaching the second island. I don't think it can be helped, and you can sure as hell bet Ubisoft don't care anymore so it seems it will be bugged forever. Sorry to say.

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