How did your placement matches go this season?

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Season 6 just started and Blizzard said they fixed how the placements works, so what rank did you get?


Well, I play Overwatch on PC but I suppose it's the same on console, I've always been between high plat - low diamond, but they always place me like 100 SR below my end of the season even though I win more games than I lose.


Last season I finished 3002 and I went 7 wins - 2 draws - 1 loss on placements, which gave me 3045 SR this season, so it seems like placements are more accurate now, I'm glad I don't have to start from plat this season :D


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Last season I finished at 3507 (masters) and placed at (3307) this season.

Right now I'm around 3100 something because of decay. I'm trying to plat gta v on ps4 so I'm more focused on that game.

But I love overwatch so I'll probably rank back up.

Overall, I think that the placements are more balanced now than last season. Last season I placed in plat and had to grind up to masters. That was a struggle because of the leavers and dcs every match.



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