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Hey all!!


I love the telltale series for their really creative stories, but I have 1 issue when it comes to them, each story feels like it plays out differently, but the outcome in the end is same somehow. For example: in Batman Season 1,


if you Romance with Selina or you don't, you still have an issue with Harvey and still get into a fight with him.


Does anyone know the best choices for recreating the story for me to have the best batman experience?


I've played Season 1 twice (PS4, PS3), so I came up with different scenarios to see if the game actually changed, and it seemed very similar, regardless of my options, they were the same.


So the recreating options are:


1) Who did you save from Children of Arkham?

I think Selina is the better choice, because harvey would have become 2 face either way,


physically 2 face if you chose Selina.


2) Did you spend the night with Selina?

Regardless if I did, same outcome. I'm guessing yes is the best answer?


3) Who did you chase down?

I chose Penguin,


because it seemed that if he hacked in the system, he would know who I was, and I hoped that Batman told Alfred to go to the bat-cave, because Harvey wouldn't know.


4) John Doe made a scene at Arkham Asylum?

Ran for the phone


because I thought the orderlies could stop zsas from cutting the other guy.


5) Did you owe John Doe a favor?



6) Selina part ways?

As friends. (We kissed)


7) Lady arkham asked to see identity?


I complied to save Alfred, but lost part of the ear.


8) Coming to the speech as?

Bruce Wayne.


9) What did you talk about?

Helping GCPD.


So, do you guys think these are good options?


Anyone know if I can find any useful links to help me with the backstory and see how the gameplay will turn out.


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Yeah I've noticed that too. Batman was my first Telltale game and after doing my playthrough I'd go online to see what other decisions would do. In the end the endings are the same, it's just the details that change. I for instance tried my absolute best to keep Harvey sane and safe, even saved his face and didn't romance Selina, but in the end he was a bad guy. I'm not mad about that though, I still really enjoy their games.

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