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Has the DLC ever been on sale?


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51 minutes ago, Floriiss said:

Certainly! I've seen the DLC several times on sale. Usually it goes on sale a couple times a year. As for myself I'm still waiting for the Waste of Space DLC. I'd rather not spend full price on it though, cuz all of them are quite short. 

It was on sale in July for half price, that's when I bought it.

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Just now, DamagingRob said:

The thing to keep in mind is, all of those saying it has been on sale, are from different regions. I've never seen any of it go on sale on the NA Store, or I'd have bought it. :/

Good point. :/ I'm not really in a rush. Guess that means I'll delete the game for now.

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On 9/4/2017 at 5:55 PM, KingGuy420 said:

There's a great site called psprices.com that tracks the price history of things on the store in your region. It's a great little tool to have.


Just looked at some of the Goat Simulator dlc and it seems it's never been on sale in NA.


That is a fantastic website! Thank you.

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