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Stuck on burial chamber in Mountain Pass


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A little help here. 


I'm in the burial chamber and I'm at the part where the game tracks Hrafn's kills at the top of the screen. I don't know what I'm doing wrong (or what needs to be done) but his kills are currently at 117.


Am I supposed to be doing something? I've gone around killing everything and they keep respawning. I got the two chests in the rooms so what else is there to do? 


*edit* Ugh.. never mind. I got 108 kills it just randomly ended. I don't remember this part being this long when I played it on my PS2 lol. 

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Had no problem with this myself but a friend was up to about 75 kills and it didn't stop until she went back to the beginning area, where all sudden it quit.


@kmosesltd Just a heads up for you. You will shortly come to a part where you have to escort a npc through 2 areas where enemies re-spawn infinitely and they can kill the npc. (you want to get him through as he'll give you the best bow in the game if you keep him alive)


The problem is for many of us he will just stop moving and virtually nothing will make him move. What I did is, made an extra save at the beginning just in case, and as soon as I exited the store (will make sense when you get there) immediately ran to the close by save pillar and saved. Then if he got stuck would run back to the save pillar, save and reload. (He didn't seem to take any damage when he was off my mini map) Reloading was the only way I could get him to move again. Someone else might have better advise, but that worked for me.

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