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Knack 2 (PS4) Gameplay - All Bosses (Hard Mode)


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This is a compilation of all the bosses in the game. The ones with a big health bar at the bottom of the screen. There aren't many which was disappointing. Now most of these bosses are really simple. Especially the second last one where you can spam square to win. Also some will feature QTEs.


Many of these boss battles don't have names, so i've listed the chapters as well.


These bosses are standard bosses and not too difficult imo, and that's probably because we don't have to play on very hard mode.


Gd luck to you guys!




1) Rothari (Chapter 6-5) - 0:00
2) Xander's Creation (Chapter 8-4) - 4:21
3) Giant Titan Battle (Chapter 13-3) - 6:40
4) Final Titan Battle (Chapter 13-5) - 8:42
5) Artifact Boss Battle (Final Boss) - 14:24



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