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Base sharing problems.


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An issue Im having with base sharing. Any useful input would be appreciated.


My friend and I have visited each others bases, but the bases have never updated since the first visit. So he always sees my base as it was on his first visit and vice versa. But we have both made extensive changes since then. Anyone else having this problem or know why its happening.


Its quite annoying because we had planned on sharing resourses, like plants. But we hadnt completed our bases by the time we first visited each other. I have a bunch of biodomes full of plants but he cant even see the biodomes when he visits.

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I can't give you a much helpful answer, only this: Bases still suffer from a lot of problems in this game. Some peoples bases are overwritten from other players, as the base is registered as unused for said players. The same issue can lead to two bases fusing. Furthermore, bases are not shared between difficulties.

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