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Destiny's Trophy will be easier to unlock this month!

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For anyone still trying to obtain the 'Destiny's' trophy where you have to complete 1000 fates, this month is a good time to grind for it because of the current Yo-kai Watch event.


The in-game event involves players participating in fates to unlock minions, mounts and weapons as rewards. Basically it means more people are taking part in fates so they are completed much faster than usual. I managed to unlock this trophy last year and highly recommend obtaining it during this event.


Good luck and have fun, fellow Warriors of Light!

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2 hours ago, inesses said:

will this event repeat this year? any other tips how to grind this effectively (fast) at the moment?


I am hoping they will bring the event back this year too but we probably won’t know until a bit closer to the time if it’s around September again.


My advice if you want to grind the trophy quickly and don’t want to wait and see if this event comes back is to do the FATEs that are lower level because they’re easier and quicker to complete.


Also if you do them after you’ve chosen your Grand Company (roughly around level 20-25ish) you’ll get seals as FATE rewards too.


The ones in Middle La Noscea, Lower La Noscea, Central Thanalan, Western Thanalan, Central Shroud and a few in North Shroud (careful though as it sometimes has higher ones there too.)


It’s pretty boring but they get done faster.


I myself popped the trophy during the Yokai event because you get medal drops from FATEs that unlock a bunch of cool minions and weapons so the grind felt more rewarding. If you’re in no rush, I would personally wait and see if the event returns because at least that way you’re getting some cool stuff along the way.

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On 31/07/2018 at 10:51 AM, LurchSkywalker said:

When does it start? I want the loot anyways! : )


Last year it was around September I can’t remember the exact date but if they decide to bring it back this year it’ll probably be announced on the lodestone website under news section! :)

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If you're looking to farm this, now is the time. The Rising event that just started has an area you can go to in the 3 major towns that has some really quick FATES that can be done. You need to be at least level 30 to join though.


Edit: Ok, maybe not. While the event itself has many FATES, the event seems to be on a really long cooldown timer, maybe 3-4 times a day. Definitely not really that good for grinding FATES.

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25 minutes ago, Veris-Luna said:

What level is that area?

It's a level 40-50 kinda area. I'm currently online and the fate marked as one is a level 47 one.

May be easy to travel between those two but there are other areas where this also applies to.
basically, there are always 2-5 fates within a certain range to each other that cycle. If one ends, the next starts and so on goes the rotation. If this one is to high level for you, you can try to look for other areas where fates close to each other spawn in a rotation.

Unfortunately I can't name any of the lower leveled rotations off my head.

But personally I use the challenge log and just try to get the fates requirements for this done every week. That way I have some fates out of the way and I get a nice bonus exp reward for the challenge log requirements. Keeps me motivated for this trophy while leveling my side classes bit by bit.

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