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Random chat groups? and BF1 etiquette discussion


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Recently I've been added to two chat groups on PSN where there is only one paragraph about 'how to play battlefield 1' and I was wondering if anyone else has been having this...annoyance I guess you could say?  It's not like when someone sends you a nasty message because they didn't get revived one time but it's almost like this person or persons have taken it as their duty to teach everyone how to play battlefield.  I get it, PTFO is burned in my brain from my Bad Co. 2 days and it's not like I wasn't PTFO as stated in the group chat.  I feel slightly offended because I've been playing Scout\sniper class for the past few days to get challenges done so his tips to 'revive players and drop ammo when possible' don't concern me right now.  Also, when I play sniper I have an 'in-your-face' attitude so I usually pull out the SMLE infantry variant and go right up to the objective (like in Supply Drop) and make sure that I am getting my team the points it needs.  Not only were these people telling the group which classes to play but they were also saying how "this isn't WW2, we need to charge objectives and get in the game."  I'm not even sure what this means.

Anyways, It's just been really annoying these past two days where I get online and all of a sudden I'm in a group chat and I get this mildly insulting message from some one I'm pretty sure I did better than in the games I was playing that day.  I don't tell you how to play a game so you should really not be telling me how to play, plain and simple.  If I ask for tips, give me tips, but don't be an ass about it.  I've been pestered by people since this game launched and I have no clue why, when playing medic I constantly risk my life to revive allies and give them health.  When playing support I'm constantly giving ammo.  For what ever reason this has gone to far and is kind of ruining the experience for me and I love the new maps and game mode.  I even took a hiatus from BF1 for a while after the last DLC came out because I was being screamed at during a game in voice chat, then the guy proceeded to message me insane comments, and then finally blocked me after I said, "it's only a game why do you have to be mad?"  I don't get it anymore and it really makes me sad to see such a great game get turned sour with all these ass-hats.

I don't know why, but this has really aggravated me for some reason and I wanted to know if anyone else has been getting these random messages in group chat form.  Also, what are your thoughts on how you would feel if someone messaged you to tell you to switch classes\play the objective\ect. when you are obviously doing just that.  

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That's pretty annoying but no I haven't got a message like that yet. Although if I did I'd probably tell the guy to go fuck off considering I am pretty good at the game and am a team player who actively runs across the map to give people ammo or health. id just ignore it tbh just keep playing the way you play.

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47 minutes ago, PerryToxteth said:

I'm 50/50 whether I should get this game or not. Please tell me there's a "player mute" option!

You can mute people who join your squad.  

As for if you should get this game I would but you gotta get the season pass.  The Russian dlc is by far my favorite that has come out for bf1

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