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Friday the 13th Eu trophy list


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7 hours ago, guyver_unit_one said:

What i meant was say i use my main account EU and if i

use a side account on the US version, can they matchmake together?

Noooooooooooo! :P

I already tried doing this in several games, including this one and it turned out NOTHING! if you want to have trophies of both versions, imagine that you have 80% of trophies, you dont need to DO EVERYTHING AGAIN, just for example in the trophy "play as Jason 500 times" if you already have it, only once is enough. the same applies to the rest of the trophies

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Yup I was aware of the progression related ones that it will trigger instantly in the 2nd version once you even just get one kill/tommy played etc. Thats why I am prepping the 2nd stack to pop everything instantly . Only thing to still organise in it is the kill jason trophy so i hoped i could have done it on my EU and NA versions.  xD and you helped clear the main question i wanted to know.


Didnt think it would work but always better to ask ^_^


Thanks again :)

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