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Corners Platinum is killing me. Help!


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I've been trying to get the platinum medal for the Corners Movement for hours. 1:45 is just ridiculous. Of all the events I've done so far, this is the absolute worst. I'd seriously love to bitchslap the dick designer who decided on that time.

I'm down to 1:47, but try as I might, I simply cannot shave off those final two seconds. I even know where I'm losing those two seconds; the second turn (the one before the military base). I just can't seem to keep the flow seamless there.

Anyone have any tips/tricks on how to lose those few seconds? Any help would be appreciated.

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Having just finished with a time of 1:40.6, here's my advice:


First, be wearing a military uniform to slip over the military base unhindered.


The jump from start to 1st waypoint is about landing the glide on the side building with sprint held down and a fully charged jump ready to go, getting you to the 1st waypoint on one airdash.


1st waypoint to 2nd waypoint is done with two landings. The first is onto the far partner of the pair of buildings like you landed on getting from start to 1st waypoint. The 2nd landing is getting from that building onto the far water tower. From the water tower, a fully charged jump and a dash / glide should land you either on top of the tall building between the tower and 2nd waypoint, or clear over it. My time for reaching 2nd waypoint is ~41s.


2nd waypoint to 3rd waypoint (military base turn). This is a series of uncharged short jumps where you double air dash as quickly as possible to cross the roofline.


3rd waypoint to final is about jumps to reach the height of the next building's roof, and double airdashing to get across the roof as quickly as possible, and mastering the last turn by using the skyscraper with the triangle corners to make the last leap to the final waypoint. That last turn is what messed me up a bunch (I'd miss the building completely by turning early). My time to the triangle building is ~1:35, iirc. Aim for one of the triangles and you should be able to jump, double dash + glide right through the last waypoint.


In general, to get the necessary speed to do this, you need to remove as much time gliding as possible from your run, and work as many airdashes as you can. A lot of my time from the 2nd waypoint to the last turn is spent just jumping and dashing.


Good luck!

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