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Tips for the Crystal Golem


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On 9/22/2017 at 7:52 PM, Nakqz said:

Hello everyone,


Did you have any tips for the fight versus the crystal golem ? Because my PSVita lags a lot during this fight and the boss is able to recover a lot of HP because of missed perfect blocks ...



Wondering if you figured it out - I mean I guess you did. I'm not there yet, but would love some tips if you remember how you did it. Also, I've had to restart so many boss fights. I don't think the PS4 version was so intricate. Many of these boss battles require more than just button mashing, except for the Troll one. It's a shame because the lag doesn't help. Before I forget, do you have any other tips/advice for other trophies (spells, Constanstine, Order of the Bleeding Axe).

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