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It seems I've unlocked the Arcade games early. Two guides on other websites state that at the end of the game you need at least 350,000 to unlock all of the arcade games. I'm 5 levels away from the end with only 157,149 total score (28 cages broken) and yet I have full access to every arcade game. I'm scared to play them all though, out of fear I'll be flagged for out of order trophies. I also have access to every stage, even though you only get access to each one in sequence.

Anyone have an explanation for this? I've looked around and it doesn't look like there are any cheats for the game I may have accidentally entered.

EDIT: I found this but it doesn't explain how or why it happened. It's on the PS3 version of the game though.

EDIT 2: There's also this one.
It says in the description that Tower of leptys is inaccessable, so I might not even be able to beat the game unless I restart the whole thing now.

EDIT 3: So it looks like the reason I couldn't find anything on an "Arcade Unlock Glitch" is because its really a "Level select Glitch" which has a tonne of information on it. This is from TrueAchievments:


"This game has a huge glitch that causes the last world to be unreachable. For some reason 'revisiting' a world corrupts the game and glitches the last world (there is no way to fix your game if it glitches). There is a workaround, which I will provide though... When I went through the game the first time I had 100% all worlds except the last one, but by then it was too late and my game was glitched."

EDIT 4: Decided to get the Arcade Mode trophy since it's a well known glitch and anyone could recreate it easily by just revisiting a level while in the middle of one.

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