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Ultra rare cards farming?

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You could always just fight the Ryona boss at the end of the Hebijo Arc. If you use the Gatling gun, you can breeze through the fight in about 30 seconds. S ranks almost guarantees 4 or 5 star cards. If you just want to level up fast, this is the fastest way that I've found to do it.

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8 minutes ago, sandra1957 said:

How many ur cards needed to max out a level for character and weapon


Weapon needs i think 1003 exp to max from lvl 1 .  I guess Character was same , only skill card exp is different depending on rarity of the card.  1 star max already with 150 exp .



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What I found to work the best is:


Paradise Episodes - Ayame's Business - Episode 5 - 3 Star Difficulty


This is a 4 on 1 battle (you +3 allies) against Katsuragi. No respawning enemies, she's to only one you have to beat. Mission itself take 25-40 seconds to beat, with loading times and opening the card pack it takes about ~1 minute total.



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