Sept 30 2017 Ps3 TCS GR:FS Help Pls

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This an appeal to ANY1 out there that can help me attain the Platinum Trophy for this game. I really Need and Want it.


After i get all the Online Required Trophys i will be More then willing to help those of you that help me with Any Other games we each own or have access to. Within reason i am even willing to buy a new game if i need to, to repay the help. 


Thanks so very much to those who at least reply trying to help via asking their Friends to add me. Juuust Please send a regular Psn Msg with GRFS in the subject if you are able to help at all. Sadly the real life Friends i have are too busy to play. Choicely worded are the 3 that i got this game to play with.....


TW1STED__PSYCH0 --Yes its with 2 underscores. Lol there are at least 2 other players with my GT, but litterally only differ by 1 character.




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