what kinda exploits does this game have?

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i probably would have had issues with the first one if not for sniper bullet modules, and devour that recovered OP. amongst other little things that benefited to become a spam fest by end game.


i don't hear much on this, and thinking of starting it before the year is over. any useful suggestions for set ups, like weapon to use, a bullet type, and amongst all the other things that ease it up? thank you.


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I'm not sure why I'm tagged here but okay. 

Melee is more broken than bullets here. Rage Arts are what you want to use while having Meteors as bullets + specific gun type bullet. 


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On 8/1/2019 at 5:13 AM, DrHambone said:

Is there a specific melee weapon and gun that is the most advantageous to use? I'm currently using a short blade and a blast gun with homing bullets.


Here are some overpowered bullets that helped me: https://godeater.fandom.com/wiki/Bullets/GE2_%26_Rage_Burst


i recently started the game a little over a week ago.


congrats on your plat. mine wont come for a very long time lol.


i've been using one for the trophy guide on this site called quick meteor, i like it but kinda don't. you have to wait for the right time to blast it, if the aragami move even the slightest it will either hit them a small amount or completely miss. if i remember from the first game the sniper one was sort of like that too.


the blast gun and buster blade were recommended from the trophy guide as well. i have had my doubts over the course of playing by using the buster blade as it is slow, but i find its too late for me to change it as i have a lot of blood level on it.


i just don't know what blast gun and buster blade i should be using, atm i just craft whatever has the better stats.


not sure if you bothered with the hard missions? but i have been doing every mission available on each rank from the standard set, and the hard set as i go a long at least once. i've noticed the rank 5 hard missions have been well, kinda harder, and my equipment is suitable for the rank. just not sure if you bothered doing every new mission like i have been, or skip some. i just want to make sure i'm getting the materials and exp for weapons by playing them all at least once, but some are more frustrating than others. even with quick meteor aragami are huge damage sponges.


any advice you or anyone has would be great for the long term of this game, i hope to reach a point in the game where you can be over powered like the first game but not sure how you set that up exactly and its been over 2 years since i've played the first game, and this one introduces many more mechanics as you progress. 


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