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Item gifting/trading thread


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I'm starting this thread in hopes of creating a way for players to help other players out essentially through trading. When you enlist someone else's pawn and go to release them, the game will ask if you want to gift an item which enables you to essentially give an item to another player. There are a lot of items that can NOT be gifted such as purified BBI gear but there are a lot of items that can be gifted. For a complete guide on how this all works see this link.   http://dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Trading_and_Gifting


If anyone would like to take part in the item gifting please be sure to put down your PSN ID and desired gift or items that your willing to give to others. Keep in mind while using this process it's NOT an in game trade, it's a one way deal. However you can get something from someone else and then return the favor and give them something back, so this goes off the trust system. For easiest and best results be sure to add people to your friends list, this will make finding their respected pawns far easier and also makes it easy to communicate about what items to send. 


PSN: champ147

Pawn Name: Rukia

Desired Items: Unidentified BBI Weapons level 3 and a gold idol. I'll also be happy with anything BBI level 3 but I really want that Blackwing Bow. (Yes I know it's a small chance of actually getting one but it's a risk I'm willing to take)

Items offered: Arisen Bond, seekers tokens, veteran periapt, and more.

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I'm looking for the Lambent Shield (an online Ur-Dragon reward). If someone have multiple units of this shield and want to gift it i would be grateful.


For now, i can give one (or both) Ur-Dragon staff (Talarian and/or Volant). I don't use mages so i don't need them.


Pawn name: Marco (fighter)

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Hello, all! I'm looking for the Diabolic Shield. I'm having a real rough time of things. I've gotten every weapon on the game, just about. Yet, despite my farming; I've not found this asshole for 2 weeks!! I'm real tired of using the ugly purged buckler. Need this for my build to be complete. 

I'm willing to trade frame blades, dragons tempest, devilsbane, dread aspis, devils nail, dwells-in-light, hood of shadow (strength booster), grave veil (strength booster), carrion mantle, hellfire and traitors armor, boots of shadow (debilitator healer), hellfire and betrayers boots, and gold sovereigns mantle. 


Thanks in advance :)


My pawns name is Ser Reynold. Lvl 50 fighter wearing royal surcoat and immortals armor. 

PSN is Mortem_Messor_

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