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Is there missable trophies? Doesnt look it like it.


To obtain the true ending is there specific events needed or will simply doing every quest and such obtain the true ending?


Lastly does it matter what difficulty this is played on?


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19 hours ago, Mush94 said:

Difficulty setting doesn’t matter for trophies. 


No missable trophies BUT when your find an ‘Immobile Ring’, keep it. It may not let you but don’t sell it. There are some chests in the game that using that ring will make incredibly simple. Wearing it allows you to walk on “arrow” tiles in any direction you want instead of sliding. 


After the ending you’ll basically play an new game+ which amounts to going through a different set of demon dungeons called Pedrition and Perdition Depths and fighting a different end boss. All the previous areas are still accessible. You don’t need the sub quests for the endings but it is it’s own trophy for Platinum. 


Im still looking for two chests in the last dungeon. Use the square button to zoom out on the map as you walk around. It helps. It is probably in the instructions but I found it on accident. The demon dungeons have a ton of dead ends so it will save you time. 


Some me of the chests only show a bit, like hiding behind a house. There’s a higher level skill for Julia that will tell you how many chests are in each area but you need to pay attention for small details on a few. Luckily it’s not too many that are nearly invisible. 

wow thanks for the descriptive response. This helps a lot I wasn't really expecting a detailed response about this cause not a whole lot of players but ya pulled through


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