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Battlefield 1 corporal glitched?


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I went above rank 10 in this game and no trophy popped? I'm currently over rank 40 and still no trophy? I only bought this game a few weeks ago, i checked the trophy guides before i played it and it didn't say that this trophy was glitched, i tried reaching rank 10 in this game on another account and the trophy popped normally but for some reason it didn't pop on my account? I'm confused, i don't understand why the corporal trophy didn't pop for me and was wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing and knows a way to fix this?

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I haven't heard any reports of the trophy glitching, and I got mine when I reached Rank 10 as expected. Not sure what you can do about that though, since your online rank is tied to your EA account which is linked to your PSN account.


You could try to unlink your PSN and EA accounts (if possible), and then create a new EA account to link to your PSN account. If you start over at Rank 1 on a new EA account maybe the trophy will unlock properly this time?

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