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RE: MGS V TPP: Initial Alpha Release (PS4)


I already Platted this on the Disc Version which I got a lend of from a friend. 


However I did buy the Definitive Edition for my Library as I enjoy playing the Missions over and over when I am bored and need a game motivator.


The Definitive Edition (Digital Download) does not let you use your Platted MGS V save files and so you have to start the entire game from the beginning.


The question I am asking I guess is this.


As the Definitive Edition says.........


 36 DLC ITEMS AND ADDITIONAL CONTENT including 2 extra missions, additional weapons, and items used for customization


Does anyone have a clue what these are? I.E The "Extras"


Thanks In Advance 

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3 hours ago, StewartBros said:

I think it's the "Deja Vu" and "Jamais Vu" missions that were previously console exclusives.  Deja Vu was previously exclusive to PS3/4, while Jamais Vu was Xbox only, although each is now also available on the other console.





So..............NOTHING NEW THEN? Cuz Dejavu and Jamais V are both in ALL GZeroes and from wht you say theres nothing added to MGS V TPP?

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