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Classic Difficulty | Boss Fights


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Hey guys, it's rubhen here again. This time I wanted to make a thread with a compilation of my boss fights during my Classic mode run. I am making a walkthrough of my run with commentary, and I'm just stuck in editing and rendering. In the meanwhile I thought it would be nice to show my boss fights


Note - Of course I could have done better in many situations, but:


1) I was nervous as hell. This is my first time really playing a survival horror type game and doing the hardest difficulty without a guide. For the TEW 1 I used a video walkthrough of Seraphim17. So yea. Everything you see here is of my own gameplay, and I strictly didn't want to copy anyone else's strategies.


2) I had acid spilled on my right hand, and it's in the process of healing and the skin is starting to regrow. This severely hindered my reactions and so many times you will be seeing me take unnecessary damage. But it's just I couldn't react fast enough.


3) Also there's a lot of pressure and intensity without autosaves, so death means 1-2 hours of repeating gameplay with all those unskippable cutscenes... So I did use a lot of medkits, so don't hate me lol


Good luck to those who are trying this mode!


And that's about it. Let's start!


1) Boss 1 - Guardian (I Skipped It :P)



So this boss is encountered at the start of Chapter 5. I did not want to waste my ammo reserves trying to kill this thing. It's has monstrous amounts of health, so nope. I skipped it. I show a path i take in the video where the Guardian stops following you, so you can safely loot and avoid this fight!


2) Boss 2 - Obscura (Chapter 5)



This boss is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is have its focus on you and leash it around the area till the timer drops to 0. If it walks away from you shoot it till its focus comes back to you. Using Shock Bolts are the most effective way to get it down from the ceiling.


3) Boss 3 - Stefano (Chapter 8)



So I can admit when I suck. This boss fight tested my patience because he teleports left and right, and it was hard for me to keep up with the camera movement. The camera sensitivity on the PS4 is so damn slow. It was much faster on the PC. My reactions were just not good enough, and so I waste a ton of ammo and get hit a lot. But most of the time you can stun him before or after he attacks. During the phase where he brings the eye out, just run to the right or left corner of the room and the tentacles can't get to you.

Shock bolts came in handy at the end!


Also I saved my Axe because I wanted it for a specific section in chapter 10. So yea..


4) Boss 4 - Flamethrower Cultist (Chapter 11)




I won't ruin his actual name as it's a story related thing.


This boss just sucks! He just drains your ammo. I tried using the smoke bolt to get sneak attacks on him and the detection is plain GARBAGE. It's JANK through and through. I had him looped once, in Nightmare mode, where 3-4 smoke bombs and 6-7 sneak attacks can take him down. But this time I was unlucky :/


Well the strategy is just run and shoot him. Not much else to say here. You can use the Liquid Nitrogen Canisters to freeze him. There are 3 I believe in the room. But still he is just ammo fodder imo.



5) Boss 5 - Flashback Bosses (Chapter 14)



This was my favourite moment in the game. Absolutely the best boss fight as well. If they included the actual Saw dude in the fight it would have been even harder and more awesome but oh well. I think I did ok here. I took a couple hits from both Boxhead and Laura, but overall my best fight I think.


For Boxhead. It really depends on what type of ammo you can dispense here. I used Harpoons, but I think i should have used like 2-3 explosive shots. When two box heads show up, try to get them together and used shock bolts and explosive bolts to finish them. Also there is plenty of ammo in the environment. I had ammo so I just pelted them.


For laura, make sure you have either smoke, shock, or freeze bolts. Use shock or smoke to get her stunned and turn on the two valves around the room. Then use the freeze bolt and freeze her underneath the fire trap and turn it on. Hitting her with the trap twice kills her. You can also use the flamethrower to easily kills her, but I did not make the weapon.



Boss 6 - Electric Pole Monster (Chapter 15)



So, I'm not sure what the name of this boss is, so I just describe it the best I can. An Electric pole monster :P


Either way this boss is pretty simple. It lunges at you a lot and smashes the ground to create electricity. Not much else to say. I use the car surrounded by oil in the beginning to damage it, and then use the two barrels around the map. Then just smoke and shoot it till it drops. I knew after this boss the game was mine to finish, so I went all out and used my ammo.



7) Final Boss - Myra (Chapter 16)



This is the final boss battle in the game, and I made sure to use the rest of my lost keys to be prepared for the battle. The one thing I was not prepared for was my right hand giving out. I was tired and my thumb had been strained enough. As you can see my aim is retarded. I miss a lot of my shot. This fight should have been over like 10 minutes in. Oh well


Make sure to take out the Monster's Right arm, as taking its left arm out first will put you in an awkward angle for you to shoot when it grabs you. it works so much better with the other arm.


Other than that, just dodge and shoot the spots. If you run out of ammo break the frozen statues to get ammo. If you run out again, she will summon spiders which you can tap x to kill instantly without wasting ammo. These spiders drop ammo too.


All in a ll it's a battle of attrition. Once I beat the boss I yelled out loud and woke up my roommates lol

And that's all the bosses. My Classic Walkthrough is going live next :)


Cheers and Gd luck to all!

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Just now, KainDMD said:
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Wouldn't it be easier to destroy the flamethrower tank on the boss, that way you can get rid of the nasty fire.

As for the chapter 14 bosses, I read that the flamethrower makes short work of even the 2 keepers.


True you can take his tank out, but he become more enraged and chases you constantly. At least like this he just slowly walks around.


I did not go for the flamethrower because the last time I saved before Chapter 13 was at the start of chapter 10, so nope was not gonna chance that by trying to kill the flamethrower enemies who suck... lol

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3 hours ago, rubhen925 said:

3) Also there's a lot of pressure and intensity without autosaves, so death means 1-2 hours of repeating gameplay with all those unskippable cutscenes... So I did use a lot of medkits, so don't hate me lol


All that matters is you played well enough to get the trophy! I'm not sure if I even want to attempt this mode. I don't mind a challenge but I don't like the potential for so much of my time to be wasted if I happen to die after not saving for a while.

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