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Possibly closing servers?


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I was just having this discussion with a friend.  While it is highly unlikely since it touts the Battlefield name, it wasn't as well received as past Battlefield installments in part because Visceral wasn't really known as a fps studio.  So while it is highly unlikely the possibility is there and it has happened before just maybe not with a big title like this.

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EA are pretty good about announcing closures, but surely it would be  visceral who would work on any game patches. So if nobody is there to maintain it, why keep the servers on? Just for a few thousand players? Anyways, I was just looking to bring this to players’ attention, so people won’t be caught out on trophies if they do announce the servers going. Hopefully won’t happen for a while

2 hours ago, Skadanton said:

Same, those 40k kills take forever...

Yup. Crazy having such a high count for trophies

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im still chipping away at the 40k, i lost about 3k kills do to having them before the dlc came out and they didnt count =(


btw didnt visceral close when army of two came out? or was that just a specific branch? i checked army of 2 40th day (which i dont think was visceral) and those servers are still up. i tink since hardline has rented server options they will most likely keep it open because theyll always generate money on it. one server usually hosts a ton of games on it not just one if i recall, and hardline doesnt really have very many lobbys to really be that much of a issue to maintain. i think as long as it keeps bringing in rented server money itll stick around

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