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A White noise 2 review


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I have gotten to play white noise 2 for about 12 hours now and I got to say this is a really fun game, however, it has a few problems but before I get to the problems and good things I must say what you will get your self into once you buy it. In the game there are a lot of things to take in when you first start, mostly the controls and set up, but if you have already played games like Friday the 13th or slender the 8 pages then you will kinda get the idea of what the controls are and what to do. The goal in this game is to get all the tapes and dispel the evil as in the monster that has been trying to kill you the whole game, or be the monster and kill the people looking for the tapes to bring about a new evil that has been sleeping all this time. But now comes the part of the review where we can talk about the good and bad starting with the good first.


All the things are random placed in the map you pick from the start, same with where you spawn too. It is really fun if you ask me to have to find the tapes in different places they were last time along with the other items and gear to stop the monster from getting at you be placed in other parts of the map, another plus is that all maps feel very big and open and sometimes you may end up going around for 5mins or more trying to think of where the tapes are, lucky there is a compass to help give you a idea of where the tapes are unless to close then it is only a matter of you keeping your ears open to hear where the sounds are coming from, however, with all good things there are problems and the problems though lay with the glitches and well just how much of a killjoy they can be and this is where we talk about the bad.


The glitches in the game is what mostly puts it down as the game has a lovely habit of crashing to the ps dashboard or being kicked out of games by bad lag and items that can't be picked up while looking at them and going in nearly every way around it to find the sweet spot needed to pick it up. 


Before we get to the end where I give my thoughts on if you should buy it or not here is a recap and my points made already plus others I never covered here already.


The good.

  • Different maps and somewhat open world like.
  • Key items and useable items placed in different places around the map.
  • Character stats go up and down if you wear different outfits and or use other characters.
  • Game is priced cheap and gives replay value to level up to get more unlocks.
  • Easy plat/100%
  • Good detailed monster and maps


The bad.

  • Crashes every once in awhile.
  • Not able to pick up some items unless in the sweet spot.
  • Disconnected when someone joins mid game.
  • Human characters look like the Scooby doo gang


My final thoughts.


As it stands I think if your looking for something easy to pick up and have fun to play this Halloween then This game is for you, just to let you know though that the first game is very much a lot like this one but has along more then the first, along with the price that it is right now it is very much a must play as it is cheap and might get you with some of the scares and if you have 4 other friends who own it, it will be a blast to play. I give this game a 4/5



Hope this review helped you all as this is my first one in a line I will do for this month as wolf old blood and new order and 2 will be on the block to review next time.


Have any feedback?, please let me know down below.

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