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Friend Rrankings not updating


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i just got gold in 2 Driving School missions with the times 12.126 for #3 Beginner and 6.604 for #4 Beginner. but the times in the Friend Rankings still say 12.163 and 6.923. it still shows me second in against my friends when i should be first, how will i be proud of myself when i cant show off my near perfect time.

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After they reset the rankings due to a change in the physics simulation model, the rankings were reset. Your score wont show on the scoreboard but your record still stands though you have to beat that record to reappear on the scoreboard. 


For example, my friends score on beginner #6 is 0:13:837. My old record before the ranking reset was 0:13:771, but I'm still not on the scoreboard even if I beat the top score.  If I beat my friends record, but not my own. I won't show on the scoreboard. 


You can still brag 

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