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D pad or joystick for meat boy no death runs??


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Heya guess I have done some of easier no death runs in meat boy and I am using joysticks for my runs.. but now finding it a little hard to get runs especially for salt dark world, hell dark world, rapture dark world and of course two cotton alley worlds.. I try every stage but it's like I am able to do a stage 8 out of 10 but then this doesn't help.. as an example the light world cotton alley stage 4 where there are too and fro sawblades I just don't get the jump even after practice with joystick.. I just want to know whether d pad can make things simpler or should I continue practicing with joystick

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I used the D-pad. I tried the analog for a couple of levels of dark world Cotton Alley, 7-7x and 7-16x, but after trying the D-pad on those levels I found out that my movement was more precisely using the D-pad. In the end I earned all my no-death trophies using the D-pad only.

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