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I feel like I have to buy these games to prove that there's a market for them so maybe one day we'll get a good one again. Unfortunately, it appears we're not quite there yet. It's definitely better than 15, which was easy even on the hardest difficulty. At least in this one I've already lost a few rucks.


As for the unearned trophies, the one for hooking in the scrum should be simple but there's no prompt for hooking. There's also no tutorial for it, which might explain why the tutorial one is still at 0%. I think maybe the hooking got taken out of the game? It could make an appearance in a later version, but it's a bit of an oversight with a trophy attached. 

The career trophy is more worrying. Is it simply very difficult/time consuming? Or is it time consuming and buggy? Time will tell, not sure when I'll boot up a career.


UPDATE - 12/1/18

They've been earned! Well the scrum one and the tutorial one. I saw my PS4 had downloaded an update but I haven't had a chance to play since then to try it out. Hopefully I will soon, but it's nice to see that the game is supported and receiving updates.

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Glad they made some updates. 

The career mode trophy is glitched and some players disappeared whilst i was playing it.  

online games are still very buggy and crash a lot. especially with scrums. sometime it glitches and crashes the game.

Hopefully they will have another update soon.

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28 minutes ago, Conker said:

So I assume the trophy no-one has yet is either glitched or very hard?


Based off of previous replies to this thread, I’m assuming the trophy is still glitched.


These games might be bad, sure, but everybody and their Mother purchases them here in New Zealand. Rugby fow lyfe.

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41 minutes ago, CallanGWProx said:

Just returning to old games wondering if the trophies are still glitched?

Unfortunately this is a Big Ben game.  This means two things. 


1.  They don't care if the trophies are bugged and will make zero attempt to fix them.

2.  They don't care if the game is bugged and will make zero attempt to fix it.


Alas, this is a common theme across their games.  Even worse is that they have released Rugby 20 without addressing the issues in 18.  Same problems with the Handball series and once they took over the TdF series in 2019 as well.

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