The Tree and the Apple DLC?

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Anyone else having trouble with this DLC trophy? I'm up to two different guides followed, but every time my main character tries to see the final drawing by turning out the flashlight, I just get the rat and a comment that it must all be a sick joke. I know from various forums that other players are having similar problems. I even tried picking up practically no items and just doing memories in the father's favor, and still, nothing.


Did anyone else find a solution on their own outside a video guide? Or is there a specific guide you would recommend? I would hate to just have 1 trophy unearned.


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Played it through twice more before getting it, so I'm going to let you know what I did - I didn't follow any particular guide. I followed Beth Bear's true achievements guide for the memory responses, including opening the door to let the dog in, which disagrees with the playstation guide to keep the door closed to stay on the father's path (kitchen memory). The ONLY items I picked up were in the house itself. In the flashback sequence in the artist studio I ALWAYS used a paintbrush and never touched a crayon and so never saw the snake, or little red riding hood. In the longest memory where you can get the preferred parent trophy, I always chose the father's portrait, and the ONLY items I picked up were the ones you need to advance the story (portrait pieces, cat wheel and tail, crayons for piano) and the only items I looked at were the ones where your controller starts whispering. So that's the train, mother's portrait, 3 birthday cakes, and the vial of medicine that appears in front of the couch. Got the darn trophy and playing like this only took a half hour instead of an hour as I wasn't picking up or looking at anything extra. If you did it right, once assembling the photos your character says "What does it mean? There has to be more to this." Then view the rat, get the map. If she just says "What does it mean?" She will be repulsed by the rat and not see the map.


I did a run just like this with keeping the door in the kitchen shut and the dog out and the trophy didn't unlock so you definitely need to open the kitchen door and let the dog in.


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I was having trouble with it too, but it's pretty simple actually. For every flashback you need to do right action. 


Lock the crawlspace door under the stairs

Let the dog out of the kitchen closet 

Finish the painting with the brushes instead of the crayon in the painting room

Find the music notes in the basement

Push the Dog off the couch in the upstairs hall

Play the piano properly and always run to the fathers side of the room in the office flashback

Have the father finish the story about the witch (don't look away for too long)

Play the gramophone for the mother in the mother's bedroom

I think that's all of them, but let me know if I missed one. This is the only thing that triggers the ending. I did a play-through doing just these and it worked.


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