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Trophy thoughts?


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Do you have continues in this game? If so

On 23-10-2017 at 2:08 PM, Yuichiro-Akuhei said:


hmmmmm, complete the game without saving, and complete the game without even dying once, can be a challenge. If we can make a backup the no death one will be easy. idk about the no saving one... p.s that platinum image looks sweet!

Hm, do you have continues in this game? I watched a trailer of this and it looks really hard xD

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USEFUL TIP: IF YOU STAND STILL, EVERY 5 SECONDS YOU'LL GET SOME OF YOUR HEALTH BACK (doesn't matter which difficulty you're on, though i think your health regenerates fastest on easy).


I just started playing this for the first time earlier tonight.  The camera jumps all over the place and the game speed is too fast imo, making the game way more difficult and annoying to play than it should be.  The enemies and bosses are super cool looking though and the game has some really nice music.  


The speedrunner trophy for beating the game's opening boss (you can't get hit once) is going to be a gigantic pain in the butt and take well over 20 attempts.

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