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Nier (PS3) $19.99 + Shipping


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Nier (PS3) is available again on Square Enix Store, $19.99 + shipping http://bit.ly/2ilCHDT 


Shipping was 7.99 for me, a little steep, but still cheaper than Amazon/eBay/GameStop


Edit: It's gone.

Edit 2: Back in stock, but I guess Square Enix noticed it kept selling out at $9.99 so they doubled the price lol. Regardless, it's a rare game.

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7 minutes ago, GoldenShaka said:

Damn, took me ages to set up my account, did not recognized my account, I had to redo it, just finished the hassle and the item is out of stock.

Thanks anyways.


Damn man sorry, I just bought mine an hour ago or so. And yes, you're right, it took forever to set up an account.



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About fucking time Square does something about the price scalping for this game with arseholes slapping on a $50 price tag going RARE GAME :) on ebay. Both times I got it on PS3 and 360 I was lucky enough to get them at EB Games for like $18 each. I still don't know why they haven't released this digitally yet. I'd say there's probably a lazy PS4 "remaster" in the works judging by this demand.

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