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Tips for a first Playthrough!


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Videos are up, but I rather leave the links as is than embedding 'em!

Also, always go for Gold Chests so you can eventually get the Party Skills that gives you more EXP on repeated quests. Do note that my videos are done with out that and it can outpace that.

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On 27/10/2017 at 11:36 AM, unnxandros said:

Fishing in Summon Night might be the easiest fishing mini game in an SRPG. You will have to fish each species at least 2 times: One has to be the minimum size, the other the max size. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to make the smaller size fish spawn so I ended catching 20-30 fishes per specie and I'm not done yet. I didn't bother to make a video on fishing and how to get each fish cause there's a handy Fish Encyclopedia that hints you very strongly on how to get each fish, something along the lines of 'this fish enjoy golden things'  so clearly you have to use a Golden Lure. Lures are unlocked every other fish rank and rods by getting fishes (quantity not different species)

So I decided to go ahead and catch the final fish as soon as you unlock fishing..... It took me 366 caught fish to unlock it.

However after catching another 20 or so fish to get to the final ranking at this stage only have 16 Max fish and 2 small fish. No idea how to catch small fish as for the Large fish I could most of them using the Master Rod.

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