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Matchmaking and polyamory trophy


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I'm not that big on co-opping in any game, but I'd like to try and get the platinum trophy. So I'll need to do some co-opping. 

For the Polyamory Trophy I need to have the same three co-oppers in my game as I finish 5 quests. As I understand it, I can do the quests on my own, I just need to have co-oppers with me as I end each quest by going back to the quest giver. 

I am currently at the end of my NG playthrough and I would prefer to do this co-opping thingy with people in my friendslist, because it's easier.

My questions are:

- If I go to NG+, does that affect matchmaking?

- Does my level affect matchmaking?

- Can I invite anyone from my friendslist into my game, regardless of their progress and level?

- Which 5 questlines would be easiest to do in this way? I guess it's not that big of a deal since I can just do a bunch of quests and not finish them until I have five unfinished quests.

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-Shouldn't affect matchmaking

-Shouldn't affect matchmaking

-Yes, it'll warn them that they could potentially be spoiling the game for themselves because of how far you've progressed, they just need to push the X button to proceed and join you.

-Since I played this game a while ago and I really can't remember, lol. I say any should. The quests aren't really that challenging so it shouldn't be any issue.

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