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It's pretty decent but it's still really sloppy programming wise. Lots of glitches and stupid AI bugs I encountered without even trying. It isn't Unity level but it's there. Combat also doesn't feel like it has much weight to it. I made a note to myself every time I encountered a glitch "Two Years. Two years were spent on this. I swear guys this time it isn't shit". Also apparently the open world is literally just copy asnd pasted from Ghost Recon Wildlands so make of that what you will. Typical Ubisoft laziness. 


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For everyone raving about this, three main points of contention:


Does no one feel like the main missions lacked variety as in past games...? It was mainly kill, kill, kill! Not much else going there - and, additionally, as I already said, is no one else missing the secondary objectives...? Where the game forced/encouraged you to add a bit of spice and actually do your tasks a bit differently than kill, kill, slaughter?


Investigations... I *know* most everyone loved these in past AC, to the point of talks and serious hopes there'd be a potential spinoff/title dedicated to that gameplay mechanic. Did no one else find the "investigations" insanely underwhelming here? I mean, my god, almost every one ended up skipping ahead before I'd found all "clues" whenever I came across the BIG major clue needed to move on... And there were absolutely no penalties when I didn't find all the clues! I really felt like the investigations of Unity and Syndicate were something special, and was/am shocked by just how much they dumbed that down, to the point where they shouldn't really even have bothered including it as is here in Origins. I mean, Syndicate often felt like a Sherlock Holmes title inside of AC when you did your investigation. Two years on, and I still remember having to find the guy who was smuggling the tribal masks and crap - that was wicked fun, and an awesome storyline! Something Origins also severely lacked: I didn't find any side mission stories engrossing... At all... Perhaps owing to finding the main story itself schizophrenic and wildly meandering.


Lastly, the lack of collectibles/100% requirements/way such item gathering was handled bundled into "locations". A lot to this one, but I felt underwhelmed by the way treasure chest OCD was handled here. I was also quite disappointed there was no incentive to do the side quests 100%... And, equally so, missed the item crafting/itemization was rather poor. The best stuff was either Papyrus or Nomad/$$$ Legendaries - making chests sorta/kinda useless here. The coin... I could have easily done without ever visiting a normal vendor - to the point you never even visit one to refill your gear, when every enemy outpost has a free 100% refill.


I dunno, I'm *really* not trying to be a Debbie Downer on Origins/absolute hater of the title, but I'm also just really quite disappointed that I apparently didn't "get" this release the same way as others, here in one of my fave series/franchises of all time, most especially when so many others rant and rave about it to no end; that I either seriously missed something, had the wrong expectations for it whilst playing and so was appropriately let down, or else focused/enjoyed the "wrong" parts to the series past vis-a-vis this particular release. It is so utterly depressing when so many seemingly love this game to no end, in comparison with past titles, especially when I found quite little to enjoy/superior to most others in the series.


Such as the person who mentioned Rogue, Revelations and Unity - I hated Unity as did everyone else, but I quite liked Revelations, and freaking loved Rogue - felt like it was AC distilled into exactly what I enjoy in the series: Sorta mixing ACIII with Black Flag. Unity shall forever be my most despised AC title of all time, but I've gotta say this one probably ranks as second to the bottom in my estimation. For me personally, it probably goes (and realizing that investigations in the past two were prolly my fave all time thing found in any AC game):


Black Flag











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I'm loving the game and I haven't played nearly as much as I want to. They made some good adjustments to the formula and ended up with a game I'd place at the top of the AC pile together with II/Brotherhood and Black Flag.


On 27/11/2017 at 10:07 PM, Coladar said:

was also quite disappointed there was no incentive to do the side quests 100%...


It's always been that way, Assassin's Creed III was the only one where you needed to complete every single thing.


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1. Graphics are pretty bad for a 2017 triple A.

2. Didn't feel the quests had any impact. Just doing them to get the levels.

3. Changed combat feels weird after so many ACs. It's okay but I can't say I'm loving it.

4. With every new game the present day story gets more and more complicated instead of being cleared - Origins is not exception.

5. The naval battles are a joke in my opinion.

6. Lots of minor glitches that take away the smoothness of the game.

7. Many ancient Egypt customs that you are seeing are not explained. You just witness something weird that has no meaning until you get on wikipedia.

8. Hate that you can't battle higher level NPCs - they just one-shot you. Always hated this at a game.

9. Character "power tree" is nice.

10. I was feeling like I was playing World of Warcraft sometimes.

11. Although all those negatives were presented above, it's an AC game and as a person that grew up playing all of them, I can't deny having fun playing it. But heck, if it was just another game (and not an AC) I surely wouldn't have played it.



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haven't beaten it yet but so far im mostly loving it. if you just got done playing another open world game like horizon or something id wait a bit, its a pretty large game and you might get bored faster, but if youre wanting to scratch that open world itch then ac origins will do it.



1. character is cool

2. world is cool

3. combat is a step-up from previous games

4. weapon/outfit variety is nice

5. lots of content

6. skill tree is nice

7. enemy scaling adds for a fun challenge



1. can feel grindy

2. story is so-so (at least so far, im like level 27)

3. gotta be in menu a lot to change between gadgets like darts and bombs

4. some weapon types are unbalanced, like daggers (bad) or great axes (op)

5. naval combat is a joke

6. microtransactions lockout some really cool cosmetics


Hope this information helps OP or anyone else make an informed decision! I'd recommend the game overall.


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I'm about 25 hours in, and it very well might overtake AC Black Flag as my favorite. But... then again... my top 3 are:


1. Black Flag (so far, might change since Origins is really shaping up to be the favorite)

2. Origins

3. Syndicate


So... yeah... the top 3 AC games in my list also happen to be the top 3 AC games that don't really feel anything like traditional AC games (Syndicate is close, but traversal changes and a lot of other the side activities make it stand out). I guess if you or anyone else is looking for someone who is a huge fan of the series to insert their take on Origins, then feel free to disregard my opinion. It's not that I hate the series, it's just I felt it was hit or miss, with way more miss.


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