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It's probably the best game I've played by Wales Interactive. I know that isn't saying much. It's the sequel of sorts to Master Reboot. You may have played that game by getting it through PS+. I didn't like Master Reboot that much, but it has somewhat similar gameplay. It's a first person platformer puzzle. Soul Axiom has you go through "memories" or something, and visit different locations and times through a level hub. You gain various powers as you progress which allow you to alter various aspects of the world. In each world you gotta go around and solve various puzzles to progress, which involves using these powers. I would not classify this as a walking simulator, as it's far there from. You actually have to solve various problems, there's platforming sections and even some action scenes where you gotta avoid some enemy or fight a boss.


It's worth a playthrough, and most of the game is fairly easy, but I can totally see beating the last boss without dying as a bit frustrating if you struggle with it. Went just fine on third attempt for me (second attempt I actually tried to do it without dying). :P


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