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Should I atempt the plat?


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I want to and I will buy this game, thing is I will only buy it now if I'm going to platinum it. I want to do like a racing games platinum streak and would like some opinions on whether or not I should include Dirt 4 in it.

I don't own a steering wheel, consider myself a little bit above average, skill-wise,  in racing games (but nothing too crazy). And I absolutely love the genre (even though my trophy collection doesn't show it...). Should I get the game and the plat right now alongside the other games? Or is the plat too tough without a steering wheel and I should just wait until the price drops a bit more or until I get one?


Thx for your opinion in advance! :D

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On 08/11/2017 at 10:28 PM, CjShai said:

To be honest these games are easier with the controller than a wheel. It's really only circuit racing games where the wheel gives a massive advantage 

Had no idea. So it probably "just" helps the fun factor then. Good to know!

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My opinion,

Most rally games a far easier with a controller as you have a much quicker left to right than a wheel

A few of my mates went back to controller as they were struggling hard against me, now they're much more competative


A wheel will definately give you a better 'sim' out of the game, but I find it heaps easier without one




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