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Sony Rewards added rewards for trophies! (USA only)


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3 minutes ago, Dark said:

How does this work for people that cheat tho? Could be easy money for them 


It's (AFAIK) a one-time thing for having 10 plats. Doubt Sony cares how legit they are. Ultimately they're just giving you more money for the company store, so there's no real loss there.

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20 minutes ago, Swotam said:

That's pretty cool, especially if you have a lot of Platinums. Kinda sucks that Sony Rewards doesn't exist outside of the USA ... :(


5 minutes ago, RNumbers said:

Yeah, doesn't seem to be retroactive. Either that, or it takes a while to update after unlocking.


I was thrilled when reading the OP, thinking I'd get €160 until seeing these posts :shakefist:  .

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Just now, soultaker655 said:

"Please allow up to 5 days for your rewards activity to display." :hmm:


It may be retroactive if you already had your PSN linked to your Sony rewards.


Yeah, I saw that. But some of my other things (such as subscribing to PS+) showed up right away when I unlocked them. Time will tell, but I'll unlock 10 more plats at some point anyway, so I'm not too worried.

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It's only about $10 for the PSN store so I doubt they'd care about hackers.


And I've been linked up for a while so that's probably why I could redeem right away. Still have to wait the 5 days though. Then you gotta wait a bit for the code to be sent out. The Sony rewards program is very meh. But at least they have something like this.

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