All Locations on the Map (Activities, Roaming Racers, & Collectibles)

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I just recently got the platinum for the game. My friends informed me that I was the first, so that felt cool. A lot of you have bombarded me on my psn asking for screenshots for the locations for things.


I'm sorry I was late in making this, but if you can listen to my voice in the video, I am extremely sick and have a sore throat. So, instead of burning through the game and making a horrible sounding video, I decided to rest and watch the first season of Flash (I know I'm late :P)


In the video, I talk about some tips (not too many) for roaming racers, how to get them to show up and in general show the locations of garages, gas stations, dealerships, activities, and collectibles. On the map of course. I do not have all the derelict cars so I will make a separate video for that.


At the end of the video I get a bit sidetracked and emotional about how the game turned out to be, but I couldn't help it. EA has yet again ruined another franchise with lootcrates.....


Please do leave in the comments if you want a full guide on how to get each collectible and complete each activity. If enough people want it I will make one over the weekend.




1) Locations (Garages, Gas Stations, etc.) - 1:37
2) Roaming Racers - 3:17
3) Collectibles (Gambler Chips and Billboards) - 7:25
4) Activities - 9:36
5) My Rant about EA being Money grubbing Jerks - 16:22






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Unfortunately even when the location of the collectible is shown on the map it's not really pinpointed. There's a coin i can't get to for whatever reason, it doesn't require a jump either so i know this is going to major pain in the balls already. 


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