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Hey there everyone :)


I was boosting this old game a few hours ago, and the servers still work very well. I had no connection issues (I was boosting by myself with a second copy of the game).


You can win those 21 online races quickly by selecting only 1 lap per race (it's a shame that modern MotoGP's set 3 laps as a minimum :D ). I chose Sachsenring (not multiple tracks in a row, but only 1 and I chose Sachsenring over and over again. If you choose for example 12 tracks, you can't choose Sachsenring 12 times, but only once) because it is a short circuit.

Make sure to use your career-rider and bike for the "Dedicated"-trophy.  Before that, I personalized my rider and bike for the "DIY"-trophy.


I thought that it was a good idea to earn "Spick and Span", too. I had zero trouble with that while boosting, but I guess it could be hard against the AI. Therefore I suggest you get that trophy while playing online as well.


I hope this helps if anyone is still interested in this game.

Unfortunately, I've got no tips for the glitched online trophy :S


Greetings from Germany!


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