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Planning to return to this game..


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I'm currently sitting at 44 trophies for Batman Arkham City. I'm about halfway done with New Game Plus with a few side missions finished.


Getting the rest of the Riddler collectibles for Catwoman and getting all the trophies in the Harley DLC shouldn't be a problem. My concern is getting all the metals. I plan to not only get all the metals for Batman, but also for Catwoman, Nightwing and Robin.


If that is anything like the Community Challenges in Batman Arkham Knight, then I'm in for a ride. If not then that is fine.


There are good guides for getting the metals for Batman but I haven't found much relating to Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing. It's only six bronze trophies, which isn't much for putting in a lot of work as this game is somewhat time consuming.

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Combat challenges are easy in this game as you can just spam AoE attacks, every character has one. Although Nightwing's AoE can be interrupted by stun batons.

Predator challenges on the other hand will take multiple attempts and I strongly recommend using a guide, especially for the DLC characters. Nightwing is awful at stealth.

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Since you did the freeflow challenges in BAK, anything combat related is super easy in Batman.I remember struggling with some maps on ps3 in BAC but on ps4 i passed them all in my first try with all characters.Sometimes i had the 3 medals by round 2.You should also put all the bad modifiers on combat maps when you play the campaign.As for predator,Batman is easy.The other three are not.Especially End of the Line and Top of the World extreme will put your nerves to the test

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Just getting back to this now.  I got the ramsters done on PS4 so it would be rude not to get the originals done.  As much as I love these games I find the challenges a complete chore and they bore thet shit out of me!  I'll never bother going for the 100% just like the PS4 version because fuck doing those shit challenges again 6 times with the other gonks.

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4 hours ago, Spaz said:

Three times. Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing are the other characters you need to do for the trophies.


Don't know why they only gave out six bronze trophies.

The annoying part is that you basically have to do them twice, one normally and again with all the modifiers.  Just can't be bothered the batman ones are enough of a chore for me to do.  And yes just not worth the time and effort for a few bronze trophies.

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