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How in the blue hell does someone have one of the most difficult platinums on PS4 complete in 8 minutes and 41 seconds?  Looking at the timestamps, there is a trophy popping every few seconds.  Is this is known glitch with the game or an exploit/cheat?  If this is an individual doing something underhanded, that's one thing (and they should be flagged).  If this, however, is a problem with the game, it makes me want to avoid booting it up until it is resolved (I had planned to play this next).


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A couple of things:

1. This guy you refer to could had gotten access to this game prior to it’s release(press release) and played the hell out of it. The trophy system did not work then since the game was not officially out so he didn’t  earn trophies. After the game released and the trophy system got up he might had gotten all of them at ones, platinum too. Though this is very unlikely, it’s an indie game and I doubt there were any press releases. 


2. He is indeed a cheater and earned all trophies in a heartbeat. This is not uncommon though and doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the game. Check the leaderboards tab and see how many cheaters were removed (>57k). There could be twice as many that were not reported yet. It’s just the Long Dark doesn’t have a big player base right not so you were able to spot one easily.


Bottom line, don’t get upset over it, get the game, it’s a great one, earn that platinum and don’t worry about cheaters 😊


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@Umych #1 is a good point.  I hadn't even considered it.  It could have been an early copy that was played/completed prior to trophies being on the PSN server.  In such a case, an initial sync would presumably have popped all trophies.  I really don't know how this works, so I'll give benefit of the doubt on that.  Given there is only one such instance, and it was on August 8th, I will assume that the game is perfectly fine and safe to play for legitimate trophy hunting.



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