Speed Boost Glitch using Fast Travel..

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Not sure if this has been discovered yet or not, but I'm currently halfway through my 2nd Mastermind playthrough & I just found a speed boost glitch by accident near the top left fast travel station in front of the Buca de Faggoncini Italian Restaurant.......


There is a pack of Raisins girls that spawns just to the left of the fast travel station (probably different enemies during end-game), & I lured one of them to me as i walked toward the fast travel station and then quickly hit X on it to Use it & picked a location.. then it showed the 'Under Attack' animation briefly until it was abruptly overridden by the fast travel load screen.. & once I spawned at my new location I was able to move around about 2x as fast!! (Which is likely the speed you move In combat, i'm assuming)

It stays active while going in & out of houses & through different sections of the map too, but if you fast travel again it will void the speed boost.. Doing quests will almost surely void it, but I haven't confirmed that.. 


This will mainly be useful for people who saved all the collectables & side quests/puzzles for last, & just wanna go around getting those as fast as possible!


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