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I figured it out.. the last plane (bomber) is glitched, so just use the middle plane and XP will be calculated properly.


Here are my trials and errors for the bomber..


I am playing the VITA version..

so i am grinding xp.. got the XP modifier and I noticed after playing the free for all


22010 xp to the next level

got 3300 + 500 for winning


now I have 19510 to the next level..


so is this capped? seems I got 2000 + 500 for win..


Antother game FFA


4100 + 500


needed to the next level:



So again I got 2500 points.


ok, now played team DM without the XP modifier:

got 4700 + 500 (25 kills x 100)

i need 14010 exp to the next level:

so i got: 25 x 100 + 500 for the win


Switched to Medium (from Easy)

Got 18 kills with few streaks (highest x5)


11710 to the next level

so totally i got: 2300 points

so 18 * 100 + 500


XP bonus doesn't work

Difficulty doesn't matter

Kill streaks do not matter, you will get 100xp per kill anyways

Fastest way to grind XP is play the free for all (Score attack) on EASY without the XP modifier


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