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Separate Trophy List?


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It's possible, I mean, I'm not sure if this is for another region or not as I see that it's released on the store today over here.  But not sure if it's been out for a while anywhere else or not (I was checking the store earlier on to see what was available).


I mean, it's not been tagged with anything yet, so hard to say, since there is a NA and an EU list for the game as is.

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1 hour ago, midgetstrawdog said:

Are you asking if the PS4 tagged list is for PS4? I am seeing it as crossbuy and Ferryjan has both lists on his profile. 


Edit: Bought it, got 2 lists. Was going to send you a screenshot via PSN but you have message settings on


Are The 2 list you got for PS4 ?!

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this list belong to PS4 EU version


i brought this game form NA  and EU store the trophy pop in separate list

but my NA version can't Sync to the server 


it seem to wait another trophy list appear on the Sony Server


EU version crossbuy  but NA version Not  WTF!!

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