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How to Access "A Walk in the Park" DLC


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Note: This Expansion was given to me by Jessica Beaudoin from Evolve PR. I'd like to thank her for giving me the opportunity to cover this game's DLC


Hey guys its Rubhen here with a video for The Surge. This time I will be showing you how to access the new DLC for the game called A Walk in the Park. So its been a couple months since the game launched, so I’m hoping that everyone is familiar with the locations in the game and how to get from one area to another. So I will be mentioning areas and bosses. I know they could be spoilers, but hopefully you guys won’t mind it.


So after you have installed the DLC and booted up the game, you get a new Item called the CREO WORLD Ticket. This is a Quest item and basically allows you to access the DLC content. There are two separate moments when the DLC can be accessed. The first time is when you reach Central Production B for the first time after defeating the first boss, P.A.X. The second time is when you reach Research and Development for the first time, after defeating the 3rd boss, the Big Sister.


1st Visit:


To get to CREO World, follow the path shown in the video to get to Irina from the Medbay in Central Production B. Once you reach her, follow the stair to the bottom where a train will appear. Board the train to reach the DLC area called the CREO World.


Once you get there, you can explore the DLC area, or move on with the game’s main campaign. It’s up to you. The thing is, once you defeat the first boss of the DLC, you need to wait till you get to the Research and Development area, after defeating the Big Sister to get a chance to move on further with the 2nd part of the DLC.


2nd Visit:


Right after reaching the R&D area for the first time, the Operator you meet at the Medbay of the DLC area, will mention that you can come back to the CREO World area. It is to the right of the door that will lead you back to Central Production B. For reference I start from the Medbay to show you how to get to the new door that will take you back to CREO World. From then on, you can complete the rest of the DLC whenever you want.


One more thing to mention is that if you are playing on NG+ and further, you can access both parts of the DLC the first time you get there. You basically continue from the 1st part directly into the second when you beat the first boss of the DLC. This design is much appreciated as I didn’t want to fight the Big Sister in NG++ again. I missed a trophy my first time.


Enjoy the DLC guys.





1) Intro & Accessing DLC 1st time (From Central Production b - 0:00
2) Accessing DLC Area 2nd time (From R&D) - 1:46



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