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Natural disaster relief PSPlus extension


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I do love how Sony reacts with PS+. Extra days when the network is down and such is more than a lot of places. That's cool they gave you a one month extension, with the fires.


I hope everyone in California stays safe. I was just reading about the fires a bit ago, it's really crazy how many there have been this week alone! To those displaced by the fires, my thoughts and prayers are with you. 

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I really hope you guys are alright over there. I lapsed in keeping tabs on it for a day and read up earlier that another fire had sparked west of LA. I know a bunch of people from the area and they all say they're protected by the mountains, but I still worry.


Please, please, please. Keep yourself and your family safe. I say to you the same I said to them: at the first sign of concern, get yourself out.

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I'm from Puerto Rico and I've been without electricity since September 6, the day Irma arrived and two weeks later Maria also struck us, even worse than before. I Lost my PS Plus that same month. Is Sony also giving a free month for us? Is there any way to to communicate with them about it? *Right now I'm using a 2 day trial. I wanted to add Darksiders 2 to my download list so I can play it when everything gets back to normal. I couldn't get Phantom Pain and I still feel bad about it.*

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