Cheesing King of the Hill and Endless Joust

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This game has a major glitch with hibernate, and assuming that it doesn't get patched, it can really help you finish some of the harder matches in the game.


The glitch is that if you hibernate your ps4 while a match is running, the match will continue to run, but no one can summon anything. (Whether or not the stuff on the field will continue to move hasn't been tested, but if they do, this can be major for some of the other trophies.)


King of the Hill:

Run a 3 item setup like Sand, Steam, and Fire, summoning everything, and then sleep your ps4. will net you easy victories regardless of the difficulty. Because of your territory advantage from quickly summoning things, you can put your PS4 into sleep mode, wait 2 minutes, and turn it back on. Assuming you waited long enough, you'll get a message saying that you won netting you easy victories regardless of the difficulty.


Endless Joust:
Just start up the match, put your PS4 to sleep, and wait the amount of time required by the mission. After waiting, turn on your PS4 to see yourself at full life with a lot of time already passed on the counter. Now, you just need to wait for the opponent to finish you off to claim your victory.


Using this glitch will allow you to easily to claim some of the hardest trophies in the game :gold: KotH Perfection and :gold: Endless Perfection, as well as easily let you grind to level 30.


Warning: Both KotH Mastery and Endless Mastery trophies have glitched on me before, so please backup your save right before the point where they trigger (I recommend backing up for most trophies because before the devs released a patch, there were a few other trophies that had minor bugs, and I don't really know how much the devs fixed)

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Hey Blades!


Again, thanks a lot for the info!! I will test that latter on this week.


Cheers mate!


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