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Questions about Royal Convoys

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So I have three white whales and three social chests. All i’m Missing are the Royal Convoys. I can’t seem to get them to trigger. Which makes me thInk I’m missing something. I lacked good internet when I first got the game. So I played through the main story offline. And I’ve only started social even hunting in the last day or so. So how close to a ship do you have to be for the game to recognize it’s a Royal Convoy? Right next to it, or can you identify it from your looking glass? I have other navel convoys on the screen, do they prevent a Royal one from showing up somehow? Do Royal Convoys have any signifiers like a name or a flag? I’m sick of aimlessly wondering around without having any idea what to look for or what to expect. Since most other threads like this mainly focus on social chests and videos showing this don’t take the time to clarify anything. Thanks!

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Since no one else wants to bother with these questions, I’ll answer them myself for future reference.


Other navel convoys don’t impact a royal convoy appearing.


You don’t have to be right next to it for it to be recognized, but you have to be closer than you would for a whale.


The flags and name’s are random. But it’s always a braig with two scooners, and the braig will have no supplies, just 10000 R.


And if you’re going for the Aquila figurehead, sink the braig. Capturing it or raiding it may not count towards the needed 3 ‘plunders.’

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