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36 minutes ago, ExquisiteSteez said:

Resident Evil 5 is probably one of the greatest co-op games ever made. And the mercenaries mode is addictive as hell. But that's about it. 

It's a great co-op game, but a BAD Resident Evil game.


Resident Evil 6 is over the top action. Just watch a Bollywood movie, so you know what to expect.


I don't understand why RE5 gets the title of one of the greatest coop games ever made... but RE6's action disqualifies it.  Both games are pretty over the top, albeit RE6 moreso.  Gameplay-wise it's noticeably better than RE5, as the functionality added makes the gunplay far smoother and more versatile.  The AI partners are considerably smarter (for the solo players).  And they definitely tried a little harder to keep things fresh and interesting through it's longer runtime... with 3-4 different campaigns and their approaches (Chris heavy action, Leon more paced, etc), clever use of multiplayer in certain campaign chapters, crossing storylines, and more varied locales/level designs.


RE5 is a great game, and perhaps more pioneering as far as coop shooters go... but I feel like RE6 just gets crapped on more because it came at a point where people were, rightly or wrongly, arbitrarily "fed up" with the action-y era of Resident Evil and needed to make an example of something.



EDIT: I also don't stand by the whole "if it's named Resident Evil it needs to play a certain way" thing and cries of "false advertising" or whatever people use to validate that.  A great game is a great game, and these just happened to take place in the RE universe.

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3 hours ago, Ptirle said:

Then wait for the Resident Evil 2 Remake

The way it sounds we are not even getting a "True" remake of RE2 at this point. Granted it is all rumors but from what has been "leaked" we are getting a re-imagining. Still keeping my eyes on it but if they are "doing it for the fans" as they claim all they need to do is look at REmake and do RE2 just like that.


as for the series currently the only error I have seen on the list here is that Revelations is between 4 and 5 and Revelations 2 is between 5 and 6 that is if my memory is serving me correctly.


Also i would add that when i played RE6 when it first came out i hated it as I kept thinking of it as a RE game. after it came out on PS4 i decided to try it from a different perspective. I played it thinking of it as just an action game and I enjoyed it much more.


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