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1.3 Launched for PS4


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On 1/3/2018 at 4:36 AM, Ryudoz said:

How much harder does this update make the game to plat. I was so close :(

The new update does not make the game harder, in fact Non of the Trophies will be affected with the New update. Loads of items and Event Bosses have been added but no new Dlc's are added to Terraria.

However keep us updated : )

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Last time I played Terraria was one and a half year ago, and although you could crossplay with Vita/PS3, it was pretty buggy. 


Assuming nothing has changed since then, it possibly still works. 


If I remember correctly, you can't use the same account on both consoles, and you had to start an open online game, then back out to the menu before you could see and join your friends open online game. Don't remember invite sessions working that well. 

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