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Boss Analysis & Fights - Normal Difficulty | SOLO


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Note: This game was given to me by Kai from Frozenbyte Studios. I'm grateful for the opportunity that Frozenbyte Studios has given me to cover the game. Thanks

Since there is literally not one thread about this game in the forums, I decided to make a thread about all the bosses you can fight in the game.


There are 32 levels, and every 4 levels you will fight a boss. 8 Bosses in total. The boss levels are easily identifiable by looking at the loading screen or bringing the menu in game by pressing the option button. The level you are on is highlighted purple. If the level looks like a page/parchment, that is a boss level.


All fights are shown here with the first character that you can use in the game, and solo. I wasn't able to find people playing the game on day 1, so yea....





1) The Treasure Mantis - Stage 4


Being an isometric style game, the boss will take position north east of the screen and will attack you. It only has a few attacks. The first attack is to shoot spots of poison on the floor. Touching it will drain your health, so keep strafing away from it. The next attack is to shoot a stream of fire, which will then stay on the battlefield for a couple seconds. Make sure to use your teleport ability to dodge the fire stream attack.


If you let the boss keep filling the whole battlefield with the poisonous goop, you will be in serious trouble. The goal here is to let the boss shoot the fire stream towards the pool of poisonous goop which will disintegrate it. Right before it shoots, press square to teleport away. This is the best way to dodge its attacks. Also keep away from it, as it can swipe you with its legs.


During this whole time while it attacks you, keep spamming spells at it. If you run out of mana for the spell, switch to a different one and keep shooting. This will allows the other spells to recharge. Keep switching between spells to take it down.



2) The Hog-Mart - Stage 8


Technically the 2nd boss of the game, but it was confusing for me. They are just a bunch of Hogs, nothing that interesting. Since they keep running into the mirrors, AOE spells and Beam spells are best suited here. The first set are Ice, then fire, then electric.


Nothing else much to say.



3) Icebeak the Unkind - Stage 12


Another simple boss, but if you are not careful, you can lose a ton of health really quickly.


The boss only has a couple attacks. One is to create ice spikes on the floor. This one is easy to dodge, as you can see where the spikes will rise from on the floor. While the ice spikes are on the battlefield, a floating skull enemy will spawn. Make sure to take it out as it will attack you head on.


Icebeak will also shoot Ice into the air, which will follow you around the map. Just strafe around to dodge it.


The boss and its minions are weak to fire, but electricity and death spells also work wonders here.



4) The Glacial Collection - Stage 16


This fight is just a gauntlet of Elite Monsters. You fight 4 of them at the same time. This is like a test for later stages where you can face up to 4 or 5 elites at the same time.

The 4 enemies you fight are Manglefest, Rimecleave, and 2 Bergs.


Now the elemental resistances that the enemies have will change depending on the game, so you will just have to be prepared for that.


You want to focus on one monster at a time and kill them quick. If all 4 awaken and roam about the same time, you can die quickly. The circular aura that they emanate on the floor can intersect, giving multiple immunities for all 4 enemies. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS. After that, it becomes nigh impossible to kill them.


For Manglefests, use AOE spells. I use the Death Circle spell a lot.


Rimecleaves are easy, just spam the spell that they are weak to.


Bergs are dangerous because they can hit you with a barrage of projectiles. Hit them with the strongest spells and keep strafing from side to side.



5) Silk Tree Guard - Stage 20


This to me was the most annoying boss in the game. It has a whole host of enemies that have shields. So any frontal approach is pointless. You have to use AOE spells to kill the adds before you can hurt the boss.....


I had one AOE spell and it was not that powerful... So this fight took a lot longer than I expected.


Just dodging and hitting back when I had a chance. Almost fell asleep. But taking things seriously, you need at least 2 AOE spells to be able to take this boss down comfortably. You can beat the boss without AOE spells but it will take an eternity and you will need to bait the minions to come close to you, then circle around them and shoot them to death. Once all of them are dead you can focus on the boss.


Good Luck



6) The Reef Serpent - Stage 24


This boss was tough my first time, because I was only trying to use the blink ability to dodge away from its death wave attack. But, the easiest way to dodge it, is to hide behind the wall of water where the death wave will disperse when it hits the water.


Also make sure to not get close to the boss. It can try to bite you. That's pretty much it. Spam the boss with spells whenever you get a chance, and hide behind the water column when you see the purple wave coming at you.



7) The Chimera of Rage - Stage 28


This is a tough boss fight. The Chimera doesn't have too many attacks but it can multiply throughout the fight making it progressively harder. Make sure to have hard hitting spells, or you're in for a rough fight.


As soon as the fight starts the Chimera will float to the north part of the battlefield. It will shoot fireballs at you, which will drop from the sky. Now the area affected by the fireball will lose its panel. So holes are formed in the battlefield throughout the fight. Depending on how many holes there are, the chimera will duplicate and appear in all holes. The goal is to destroy all the clones and attack the real one before they launch their combined attack, which are waves of fire blasts. You can blink away or jump up in the air to dodge the fire waves.


If you can kill all the clones before they attack together, the real one will shoot another fireball in the air to make another hole. This is to make another clone.


See.... this is just a devious fight. You cannot be defensive here. You have to constantly attack the boss, or it's not going to go well.


Note: Don't get too close or the boss will bite you.



8) Anastasia the Lich - Stage 32 (Final Boss Fight & ENDING)


The boss has 2 distinct phases.


Phase 1:


There are 6 statues around the battlefield, each one signifying a different element.


Blue - Ice - weak to fire
Red - Fire - weak to Ice
Silver - Steam - weak to electricity
Yellow - Electricity - weak to steam
Green - Life - weak to Death
Purple - Death - weak to life


Your goal is to avoid the attacks that the boss does, who is in the middle of the battlefield. The boss will use attacks of all types, so be prepared. Go around the battlefield during this step and destroy the statues to move to the next phase


Phase 2:


After all 6 statues are destroyed, you can start damaging the boss. The boss has no real weakness as it can use all elements. So there is no real way to counter it. Just avoid its attacks and use your spells to drain its life.


Not much else to say really


Good Luck!


After the fight, you can end the level to see the ending.





1) Boss Fight - 0:00
2) Ending - 3:52



Note: I'm working on finishing Hardcore mode. Trying to find the best character for this mode. Will have another thread up when i am ready :)

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About last boss. You don't need to destroy all 6 tower's. You need to destroy only that tower which kind of dmg you want to do. My strategy on hardcore was - Run around Her jump over steam beam do some dmg and when tower rebuild destroy it again with counter element. Thats all :) Nice guide cheers

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