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Treasure Hunter


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On 12/14/2017 at 10:05 PM, skateak said:

Ah, so it looks like the treasure chest count in the Yearbook is including the chests that are opened from battles, while the Treasure Hunter trophy is only for chests in the dungeons. I've went back and explored almost everything today, found two chests that I missed but the trophy still isn't popping.


Man, this sucks. If only they put the chests on the map when you walk over them.

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Finally got the trophy! Turns out I was missing not just one, but two treasure chests, both of which were in the Ancient Labyrinth, Cause of the Cursed.


For anyone reading this, DO NOT SIDESTEP OR MOONWALK IN THE DUNGEONS WHILE FILLING OUT YOUR MAPS. You do NOT want to go through every map in the game twice for the sake of this one trophy!


EDIT: I've still got the 50,000 monster kills trophy. I can probably knock out my anime backlog and this trophy at the same time.

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